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MagicISO 5.4.239

Downloads: 595016
File size: 2.59MB
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
License: Shareware
MagicISO is a powerful CD/DVD image file creating/editing/extracting tool.

MagicISO 5.4.239 Change Log
- New Features for v5.4(build 239)
- Can burn ISO file to DVD-R DL and DVD+R DL.
- Can create and continue Multi-Session DVD+R DL. More Details
- Full supports Microsoft Vista x86 and x64 edition.
- Is Optimized for Microsoft Vista.
- Fixed the bug on opening and mounting NRG file
- Fixed the bug on opening and mounting MDS file
- Improves on burning CD/DVD image on-the-fly.
- Improves CD/DVD image file processing engine (optimize for speed and space).

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